An argument that introduction of gmo foods is a war on food

Advocates against GM crop production argue that his industry will displace farmers out of their livelihoods, since they face the risk of being bought out by large multinational companies that can pursue genetic engineering from a large-scale level.

The World Health Organization further maintains that all GM foods in the global market have been approved after passing the necessary risk assessment tests; hence they are not harmful to human health.

However, the production of non-genetically engineered crops in countries around Western Europe is just as effective as farming genetically engineered crops in the United States. Antibiotic resistance Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can resist antibiotics, making them hard to kill.

Health hazards of GM foods

But recent genomic breakthroughs are encouraging. Who can disagree with the right to know what is in your food.

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But they will also almost certainly heat up the debate over the technology. Even worse, it is impossible to abolish GM crops like it is impossible to dispose of nuclear waste from a nuclear generator.

Labeling genetically modified foods is the first step on the road to banning them. Instead, you have to embrace the consumer right to know.

An argument that introduction of gmo foods is a war on food

But he does expect advances in genetic technologies over the next decade to create wheat varieties that are better equipped to withstand pests, higher temperatures, and drought. Sadly, such a commonsensical consideration, alongside the much more troubling possibility that lethal pathogens might be entering the organic food chain through the improper composting of animal and plant waste, does not warrant concern from those who lead the organic industry.

The food problem is not about how yields increase, it is related to the fair distribution of food. Allergies Food allergies are a growing problem in the United States. And which is better—the broadcast spraying by organic farmers of a Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt microbial pesticide over entire fields with attendant drift into non-target areas, or the selective targeting of only those pests that actually attack the crop through the use of Bt corn and Bt cotton.

Plant and animal invasions threaten the existing species and result to the imbalance of nature. Does anyone here think this is a winning strategy. However, such an argument fails to consider the bigger picture in regard to autonomy in food production among local farmers and regions.

As part of an EU-wide project called Amiga to study the impact of genetically modified GM plants, Teagasc researcher Ewen Mullins is testing potatoes that are engineered to resist blight. Unless you consciously avoid them, GM foods likely find their way into many of your snacks and meals.

If you see text that is colored in red, that means I added in your paper. I want to see the biotechnology industry separated from the crop protection industry. Suppressing scientific assessment The debate played out in a different but also discouraging, way in Saanich.

Likewise, Lobell wants his work to better define which aspects of climate change are damaging crops and thus help target the needed genetic changes.

Data Protection Choices

Today everyone I speak to, whether scientists, food industry, farmers or whatever, are scared of the fears of others. Or is the above somehow related. Scientists have established a connection between a protein hormone known as GH and a chemical hormone called IGH-1 associated with breast cancer, and in some instances, prostate cancer.

From health complications to environmental degradation and negative socio-economic impacts, the GM food production industry is potentially catastrophic in the present time and in the future ahead. According to the World Health Organization,tochildren in the developing world go blind each year due to vitamin A deficiency, half of whom die within a year.

A growing team of anti-GMO activists — including hundreds of reputable advocacy groups, state legislators, and big-name chains like Chipotle, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s — are questioning the safety of GMOs. Nov 20,  · Since the late '90s, when Monsanto botched the introduction of genetically modified crops in Europe, consumers have treated the term “GMO” as if it were a dirty word.

9 thoughts on “ The Argument in Favor of GMOs ” Elaine on April 15, at am said: I am so glad to have found your site – I think it is. The battle of genetically modified foods is being waged in a mire of confusion and bad science.

Arguments for and Against Genetically Modified Food

Scare stories over “frankenfoods” and “mutant crops” have insidiously manipulated the framing of the debate into a crisis over the definition of “natural”, away from the far more pertinent question of how to combat malnutrition and promote food sustainability across the globe.

Dec 09,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Genetically Modified Food Argumentative Essay to Health [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] GMO’s: More Than Public Health Introduction The advent and use of genetically Genetically odified foods. Genetically modified organisms are one of the greatest advancements.

Dec 10,  · Genomics researcher Alison Van Eenennaam, with Monsanto's Robert Fraley, argues that genetically modified foods have increased farmers' yields and profits around the world.

An argument that introduction of gmo foods is a war on food
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